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Terrabitcoin Mission

Terrabitcoin Ltd is a company based in the Bahamas. The state of Bahamas has an efficient financial system, the company enjoys a low cost of incorporation and management, bureaucracy is at an extremely low level for companies.

The state of Bahamas allows for optimised management and taxation. Lastly, the Bahamas is very close to the world of crypto assets. The Bahamas was chosen precisely because Terrabitcoin has nothing to hide and has no business to develop.

Terrabitcoin is a fantasy country or perhaps a real country in more ways than one might think. A country which is home to all the financial and economic assets that are now present in the world we already know (currencies, commodities, shares, bonds, funds, real estate etc).

All the blockchains can be found in Terrabitcoin. Blockchains are infrastructures that over time will tend to replace the Keynesian old infrastructure that we know today.

Only the adoption of blockchain infrastructures as a store of value or to support existing businesses/assets will make the world of Terrabitcoin gradually more alive and richer while the world we know of will become older and more outdated.

In the new world of Terrabitcoin, there are no Fiat currencies or banking intermediaries.

Digitalisation and tokenisation are the two disruptive words that best explain this economic and social change.

Terrabitcoin's mission is to analyse the changes taking place and to try to find opportunities in this transition from a world crowded with intermediaries and fiat currencies representing a debt that will never be paid, to a world where the same assets, services and companies can be represented by tokens, which will be new currency that will gradually gain more value to the detriment of bad money.

Terrabitcoin Ltd has created its own private club: the Terrabitcoin Club.

To become a member of the Terrabitcoin Club it is necessary to be invited, be accredited investors, be a free person and donate a symbolic one-time contribution of 0.015 Bitcoin (for the first 1000 subscribers: after that a recurring fee will be required).

Terrabitcoin is a club that welcomes people who want to freely discuss economics, politics, society and the crypto world.

The club is open to all free people in the world.

Terrabitcoin Club Rules

We have chosen as a meeting place an evolved virtual platform (discord) both as a textual chat and as an interactive audio/video channel. 

Club activities

The club's activities, in addition to discussing economic and cryptocurrency topics, are focused on:

  • Terrabitcoin holds meetings and invites speakers to get involved in the Club with matters related to business and professional themes.
  • Terrabitcoin promotes and discusses any matters pertaining to the business and social interests of the Members of the Club and the community.
  • Terrabitcoin  organises discussion groups focusing on possible investments and projects. However, Terrabitcoin will not organise or promote investments.
  • When the idea is ready to become a project, Terrabitcoin advises where investors should go in order to invest in accordance with the law and regulation of a specific country (crowdfunding, Spv, approved intermediaries in compliance with regulations etc etc)
  • Terrabitcoin offers access to a range of services offered by selected partners with proven experience and skills. Terrabitcoin is a club with the competences of a Family office.

 Terrabitcoin profitability

 errabitcoin may also charge fees on services offered or opportunities proposed in order to have the financial resources to grow and manage the amount of work that will be done. 

Everything will be done with the utmost transparency.

Donation to Terrabitcoin Club

The membership fee is in the form of a one-off donation and will not be used or withdrawn by the founding members. Procedure/requirements for joining the club:

Subscribe to the club at

It is possible to register only when invited by ambassadors of Terrabitcoin

A one-time minimum  donation of 0.015 BTC must be made

A self-certification must be signed in which the person confirms that he/she is an accredited investor.

All members will receive:

  • A personal area on the website  
  • The private link to the Discord chat room
  • Terrabitcoin membership token (TBTC)  


Terrabitcoin tokens (TBTC) are mere membership tokens. They can be considered as a digital membership card of the Club. 

No individual may be a member of the club unless they can prove at any time that they hold the membership tokens.

Total TBTC tokens issued: 1 billion.

It is not possible to issue new tokens.

Table of the TBTC token distribution to club members

First 250 members get: 30.000 Token
from member 251 to 500: 20.000 token
501 - 1000: 12.000 token
1001 - 5000: 7000 token
5001 - 10.000: 3500 token
10.001 - 50000: 2000 token
Above 50.001: 1000 token

TBTC tokens have no value, however, they may be used to obtain discounts, to participate in exclusive events or to ensure priority in certain services, etc..

The founders of the club commit to buy back at the price of 0.015 BTC the whole amount of tokens issued to each member of the club in the event that a member of the club wishes to leave.

Access to the club is by invitation only from the Ambassador members of the club.

Terrabitcoin Ambassadors are chosen directly by the company's founders.

Acceptance in the Terrabitcoin club

The acceptance of a new member is assessed by the Board of Directors.

Members must be 18 years of age or older.

Exclusion from the club

It is possible that a member of the club may be expelled at the sole and unquestionable discretion of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will be established by the end of the first four-month period of 2020.

The choice of members will be made by the founder of the company. The number of members will be included from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5.


The duration of the club is unlimited. The Board of Directors may decide on the term of the club by giving three months' notice. But not before March 2021.

At the Terrabitcoin Club, all members shall at all times act in a manner that is respectful and courteous towards other members and staff. Members shall not act in a manner that is in any way abusive, harmful or offensive to such persons. Members accept that Terrabitcoin has a reputation to uphold, and shall not act in a manner that could bring the Club into disrepute.

Every member of Terrabitcoin subject to these rules and any regulations for the time being in force is entitled to use and enjoy (with other members) the Club premises (discord) and things provided by it. 

All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Any member infringing the rules, being obnoxious to another member or engaging in misconduct, will be required to give an explanation to the Board of Directors.

Complaints of misbehaviour should be made in writing to the Board of Directors.

Conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation or good running of Terrabitcoin may result in expulsion.

Such conduct includes violent or abusive behaviour, breach of the policy or any unauthorised disclosure of information concerning Terrabitcoin, its members or their guests, including but not limited to their personal or business affairs.

The Board of Directors will meet when the need arises and will consider evidence from those involved in any incident.

The Board of Directors may request evidence from the complainant, the member complained of, or any witness.

The complaint may be dismissed or, if upheld, the member may be warned, suspended or, in extreme cases, have their membership terminated.

The decision of the Board of Directors is final and no explanation needs to be given.

Should a membership be terminated, the person may not return to Terrabitcoin, even as a guest.

Any refund of any fees in respect of the termination will be at the discretion of the Club.


Confidentiality Matters discussed at Terrabitcoin premises or pertaining to the Club, its members or their guests may not be used for commercial or journalistic purposes nor disclosed to any third party. Conversations held or overheard must be treated in the strictest confidence

Interpretation of the Club Rules

In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Management whose decision shall be final.

The Management reserves the right to make amendments to the Club Rules at any time without prior consultation. Variation or revocation of the Rules shall be deemed to have been brought to the notice of the members on Discord and with an e-mail. 

As a Member, you are personally responsible to pay any kind of taxes and contributions towards the authority in your country. You are expected to treat everyone with respect, sincerity and professionalism.

Annual Meeting

An annual committee meeting will be held in a location to be decided.

The annual meeting shall take place between november or december of each year.

Terrabitcoin Ltd. 


West Bay Street

P.O. Box CB-12509

Nassau, Bahamas

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